The Smallholder

Of the 1.2 billion people living in poverty, 75% of them live in rural areas dependent on the agricultural production of plots less than 5 acres. Subsistence farmers, herders, and fisherman make up a high proportion of the world’s most impoverished and food-insecure populations.

Access to Capital

Through our BUILD program, our Legacy mentors work with smallholders to establish credit-worthiness and gain financial literacy. Then, we assist smallholders in applying for, receiving and managing loans from partner organizations who specialize in funding agricultural development.


Our commitment to the flourishing of farmers flows out of a deep gratitude for the good news of Jesus Christ. As farmers allow us in, and relationships are formed, we share our faith with the hope that farmers would not only find new life, but would lead their families and communities in the knowledge of Him who saves, just as many faithful farmers have led their families and communities along the CA- 99.

Our Response

Every aspect of our programming is wrapped in relationship and focused on the whole person. We believe teaching others to farm is less about cultivating land and more about shaping individuals who are confident, interdependent, and influential change-makers.

Farm Technical Training

Our 20-month GROW and BUILD programs offer best-practice farm training, financial education, and leadership development to cohorts of smallholder farmers in partnership with Legacy advisors and mentors.

Access to Markets

Working with other organizations rooted in the community, we assist smallholders in creating sustainable solutions to identify and access viable markets, including developing agribusiness job opportunities to support growing farms.

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