• For the Farmer

    We believe there is something about the repeated toil of farming that is uniquely capable of crafting humans into beings of grit, humility, and creativity. Farming isn’t just something you do – it does something to you.

  • For the Church

    For 99 Farmers, the local church takes center stage in all that we do. Here, thriving comunities are cultivated through discipleship and the faithful preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

  • Women Discipleship

    Often, the women we meet are unsure about our intentions and prefer to stay in the shadows. Why would anyone pay attention to them?

  • Farm Innovation

    Through our data-informed training approach, 99 Farmers is uniquely and strategically positioned to encourage and facilitate the adoption of modern farming techniques and technologies.

  • Strategic Partnerships

    99 Farmers is an organization focused on the 99 things it can do well. For what remains, we find the expert partner, the generous friend, the collaborative community.

  • Missions

    For 99 Farmers, stewardship is the guiding principle for all our mission projects. Discerning how to best deploy the gifts, talents, and resources God has given us, is critical.

Through our core values of grit, humility, and creativity, our vision is to see flourishing farmers and thriving churches create multi-generational legacies of transformation.


Farmers in Training




Women Discipleship Groups

Join the 99 and Make a Difference!

  • Join a Local Task Force

    Before launching region wide solutions, a small group of stakeholders and experts from along the 99 are invited to participate in one or two task force meetings.

  • Invest

    99 Farmers is funded by people like you who have a heart for farming and the flourishing of the local church. Give a one-time or monthly gift.

  • Join a Mission Team

    Several times per year we offer high-impact missions opportunity that benefit the local farmer and the local church.