Against the Odds

A Global Challenge

Across all borders, languages and religions, farmers share the heart of entrepreneurs. They raise capital, invest in assets, take risks, make impossible decisions, pray for good weather, grumble about politics, worry about the market, and carry the pressure of providing for those they love.


The evolution of small farms is intrinsically related to the process of economic development. The availability of land, capital, resources, training, transportation, and buyers depends heavily on the stability of the farmer’s local and national economy. Differences in farming across the world are not only reflections of geography and climate, but also variations in development.

OUR 99

Storied Legacies of Farming

The California Central Valley is one of the world’s most productive agricultural regions. Along the US 99 corridor, countless thriving communities are embodying the legacies of multi-generational farming families. 


Our vision is to see the same legacy lived out through smallholder farmers in the developing world. To do this, they need the experiences, generosity, and encouragement of those faithful farming families who have gone before, and the commitment and friendship of those yet to come. 

99 Farmers

Farming in community, for community

We exist to radically reduce poverty by empowering farmers to impact their communities.


Through our core values of grit, humility and creativity, our vision is to see flourishing farmers create multi-generational legacies of transformation.

A Vision for Farming

Farming isn’t just something you do – it does something to you

The daily, weekly, yearly practices of farming take root in the soul, blooming into grit, humility and creativity. 


Teaching others to farm is less about cultivating land and more about shaping individuals who are confident, interdependent, and influential change-makers.