The California Central Valley is one of the world’s most productive agricultural regions. Along the CA-99, countless thriving communities are embodying the legacies of multi-generational farming families.


In 2019, a small group of passionate visionaries from along the CA-99, all with deep ties to the Ripon Christian School community, formally organized 99 Farmers as a non-profit organization. 99 Farmers’ vision of faith and farming made sense. They had experienced it firsthand. 99 Farmers is their story. Their legacy.


Our vision is to see the same legacy lived out through smallholder farmers in the developing world. To do this, they need the experiences, generosity, and encouragement of those faithful farming families who have gone before, and the commitment and friendship of those yet to come.

Our Staff

Paul Blackmon
Executive Director
Enoc Alvarez
Agricultural Specialist
Rita Amador
Farm Manager

Our Board of Directors

Mike Sonke
Chair of the Board
Lucas Van Duyn
Secretary of the Board
Logan Vos
Treasurer of the Board
Samantha Burgess
Board Member
Joey Vander Schaaf
Board Member
Derrick Hoag
Board Member
Ashley Knoblauch
Board Member
Adam Nieweg
Board Member