Women Discipleship


While there may not be a significant number of women who solely own farms in Honduras, numerous women in the agricultural communities actively participate in farming alongside their husbands or extended families. Yet, these women often remain unseen, constrained by cultural traditions and a lack of education and training.


99 Farmers’ Women in Ag Discipleship program is designed to equip and train these women to flourish in their roles as vital contributors to their families and communities. Through a series of workshops, we teach them ways to add value to their existing farm operations, ultimately enhancing their families’ livelihoods and the sustainability of their communities.


Bible Study

Our program integrates a 12-month Bible study focused on the basic tenets of the Gospel, examining the narratives of various women throughout Scripture. This study fosters a deeper understanding and appreciation of the transformative power of faith, and invites participants to enter into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. By addressing both the practical and spiritual dimensions of these women’s lives, our program seeks to holistically nurture and empower them to thrive in every aspect of their lives, ultimately benefiting their communities as a whole.

Joined by Women from along the CA-99

Our partner churches in California boast a rich history of thriving women’s ministries. We invite these women to come alongside their Honduran counterparts, offering encouragement, prayer, and leadership development. By fostering connections and sharing experiences across borders, we aim to create a supportive network that empowers women from both communities to grow in faith and witness.

Pre-Church Plant Gatherings

In many rural communities, there is often a noticeable lack of organized social opportunities. Due to factors such as limited resources, geographical isolation, and smaller populations, residents may find it challenging to engage in various social events and activities that would be more readily available in urban areas.


Having established women discipleship groups in communities that are not in the habit of gathering together, will play a vital role in laying the foundation for formal church plant. We currently have 3 Women in Ag Discipleship groups and we are working on expanding this program to each of the communities we train farmers in.